Mydoma Studio Documentation

Accept Payments

Payments allow you to make charges that your client can safely and easily pay online through their login using their credit card. Get paid faster and let your client's collect those reward points!

  1. Basic Information
  2. Setting up Payments
  3. Creating and Paying Charges
  4. Fees

File uploader

There are three ways you can upload your pictures or files into your eDesign studio and this next section will review these four ways in more detail.

  1. URL Image Uploader
  2. Image Uploader
  3. File Uploader

Product clipper

Using the Mydoma Studio product clipper is one of the easiest ways to save products from your favorite websites to your product catalog. To use the product clipper you will need to first add the “Mydoma Studio Bookmarklet” to your favorites/bookmark toolbar.

  1. Installing the bookmarklet
  2. Using the bookmarklet

Embedded Login Form

Embedding your studio login form on your website makes it even easier for your clients to collaborate with you and view their projects. 

  1. Embedding the login form on your website
  2. Link to your login page from your website 

Forgot your studio URL?

  1. Retrieve it here