Hands-on-Workshop: Turning Your Renders into Content

Thursday, April 17th - 11am est


Using your projects that you have already created using the Mydoma Visualizer we will turn them into marketing content to attract new clients for your social media and website.

What we will be creating during the 3.5 hr workshop:

  • How to create a GIF using your rendered project (using Canva and a project you created)
  • Embed VR tours and shoppable images into your website from your Visualizer projects.
  • How to create a REEL on Instagram using your rendered content.
  • How to create stories using your rendered content.
  • Ideas and instruction on how to use your rendered content (VR tours, images and video) on your website.

Programs we will use during the session:

  • Instagram
  • Inshot (optional app for video creation)
  • Canva

Small class size to ensure 1:1 questions can be answered in a small group format.

  • Must be trialing or active Mydoma subscriber for the visualizer at time of workshop.
  • Watch for your materials list to come prepared to class after enrolling.


PLEASE COME WITH A PROJECT READY TO CREATE CONTENT OUT OF! We will NOT be creating a render in this project- you may watch and absorb bow and use the replay of the session to create it at your own pace. OR follow along live during the demo to create your own content using your previously rendered 720 tours, photorealistic renders and video content.

You must have this previously created to use during the session if you plan to follow along.