Meet Mydoma Studio

The All-in-One Project Management Tool for Interior Designers

Product Sourcing & Curation

Curate, catalog, and store your favourite products effortlessly

With Mydoma’s product clipper, you can easily clip images and product information from anywhere to add to your projects, purchase orders, proposals, and more.

Design packages

Generate new client leads with embeddable design packages

Easily embed design packages into your website to generate new client interest, automate your discovery calls, and streamline your client intake process.

Purchase Orders & Invoicing

Automate your accounting and get paid faster

Mydoma eliminates manual accounting by generating automatic invoices and purchase orders. You’ll also get paid faster with our payment processor integration.

Client Portal

Everything you need for client management… all in one place

With Mydoma’s client portal, you can invite clients to their projects so they have access to all of their documents, designs, and communications in one central hub.

Team & Vendor Collaboration

Work more efficiently with contractors and your team

Mydoma makes it easy to collaborate with everyone on a project. From your internal team to external contractors and vendors, you’ll have one place to manage it all.

Mood Boards

Build and Share Beautiful Mood Boards with your Clients

After you’ve saved your products to Mydoma with the product clipper, create an inspired mood board that you can share with clients or use privately on your projects.

Time Tracking

Make every minute count on a project with time tracking

With Mydoma’s time tracker, you can track billable and non-billable time by project and team member. You can add time entries to invoices, create reports, and more.


Integrate Mydoma with the tools you already use and love

Connect Mydoma to Stripe, Quickbooks, Zapier, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and more, to power up your design business and save even more time

Learn how you can use Mydoma Studio to save time & impress more clients.

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Discover how you can use Mydoma Studio to save time & impress more clients