Client Portal

Everything you need for client management in one place

Reduce administrative work by giving your clients access to all of their project data in one central place.

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Trusted by thousands of designers and rated 4.9/5 across the web!

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Custom Login

Upgrade your digital experience

Elevate your business and gain complete trust from your clients with a custom login link. Clients can access their projects at any time from your website.

Invoicing clients

Stop chasing clients for payment

Save yourself the awkward conversation if there is an invoice outstanding. With Mydoma, you can easily set up an invoicing schedule to send clients a notification that a payment is due. Invoices can be paid via ACH or credit card through the client portal. Cash or cheque payments can be manually recorded too.

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“Mydoma has been a complete game-changer for my client relationships! It’s easy to use and clients appreciate the ability to go into their studio and find what they need whether it be documents, notes, project updates, photos, etc.”
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Melissa Fields
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Mockup of project updates in Mydoma

Project Updates

Keep clients up to date

Eliminate the need to manually update clients when estimates are prepared, a contract is ready, or a message has been sent their way. Mydoma acts like your personal assistant and sends these notifications directly to your client’s inbox. 

Client Communication

Keep your conversations in one place

Stop communicating with your clients through text, email, and social media only to lose track of important information along the way. Mydoma becomes your central location for client communication, allowing you to set healthy boundaries.

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Mockup of custom views using Mydoma


Get granular control over who can see what

Feel in control of your client relationships. Mydoma’s client portal views give you granular control over the products and services a client can see within their project. Filter and save views to show clients items per room, by option, product type and more! Filter out fields like pricing, manufacturer and more to keep information relevant for clients. 

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Learn how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients.

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Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

Task Management in Mydoma is here 🎉 this feature will change the way you execute projects