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Build and share beautiful design and mood boards with your clients

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Create inspiring mood boards with your saved products to share with clients or use privately on your projects.

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Quick Creation

Don't start your mood boards from scratch

Clip products from the web, save them in Mydoma and add them directly to your mood boards in Mydoma. No more messy desktops and download folders full of product images. Mydoma streamlines your mood board creation.

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Import REnderings

Enhance your mood boards in 3D

Create gorgeous 3D renderings in Mydoma and import them into your design boards in Mydoma to show them off to clients, enhance them with text, and add product images.


Add links and extra information

Add hotspots to your mood boards to give your clients more information about the products and services. Add affiliate links to generate additional passive income.

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Present to clients

Impress your clients with a clean, organized presentation

Enter presentation mode to show your clients their design boards and products. You can control exactly what details your client can see.

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Export moodboards

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Share with clients or keep private

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