Five Fabulous Fonts for Interior Designers

fonts for interior designers

The font you choose for your interior design business will say a lot about your brand, so being consistent is important, but what about the font you use for your interior design work and presentations? Should you use the same font? Well if you’re using any type of “theatrical”, “cursive”, or the dreadful “comic sans” for your primary branding, I think it’s safe to say no.

The font you choose for your design work and presentations must be legible, clear and look good in both print and on screen. As designers we don’t just deal with lettering, but also numbers, so it’s equally important that the numbers look good too.

I personally do a lot of kitchen and bathroom millwork drawings, so lettering is very important part of my presentations. When trying a new font, you can use the “font preview”, although that is helpful, I find it best to see a font in context from an interior designers point of view. I have taken a simple bathroom elevation and changed the lettering and dimensions style to my top five architectural fonts and included some personal feedback for easy comparison.
Being left handed I was never great at hand drafting but I definitely have an appreciation for it. So if you want to get the “hand drawn sexy the architectural feel”, without lifting a pencil check out my top font picks below.

1.  Stylus BT

  • Clean easy to read font
  • Soft, with a touch of hand drawn elements
  • Prints very clear


  • Looks like traditional drafting in black ink
  • Bolder font, only available in upper case.
  • Less fond of the numbers
  • Prints clear but bold
  • Download Flux Architect from Font Squirrel


  • Casual hand drawn feel with slightly angled letters
  • Naturally bolder, feels like black ink
  • Download Architects Daughter from Font Squirrel


  • Traditional blue print lettering, slightly angled
  • Letters are closer together, which can be harder to read
  • Naturally smaller font, take this into consideration when setting your scales
  • Prints very clear


  • Stylized architectural font ( be cautious depending on your branding )
  • Reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright style
  • “Angled S” makes for interesting flow of text
  • Numbers are very clear and easy to read
  • Download Eagle Feather from Front Zone