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The Interior Design Playbook is our vibrant, inclusive community for design professionals to learn, share and collaborate! We offer a variety of resources, including courses, templates, educational webinars, roundtables, designer events & more to help push you, and your business further.

Interior Design Courses

Whether it’s adding a new skill to your menu of services, or, improving & strengthening your existing ones, we have a variety of courses packed full of worksheets, templates, & helpful info to guide you!

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Presentation Techniques for Interior Designers

Learn the best techniques to quickly create concept boards, edit your renders, brand your graphics and get tips on what to share on social media to elevate your interior design business and get more clients in your pipeline - no prior experience with Canva or Photoshop needed. Be prepared to take your Marketing & social Media content to a whole other level!

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January Instagram "Show Up Challenge"

This is a fun FREE challenge for designers that want to work on their social media accountability and start creating consistency habits. We will do this together and keep each other on track for 31 days of posting to Instagram!

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Helpful Templates for Interior Designers

Get a head-start by using one of our pre-made, editable templates!

Premium Templates

These aren’t your everyday design templates.

Installation Template Bundle

These templates capture the attention of your followers and website visitors – converting scrolls into saves, and saves into new clients! Rebrand these templates and make them your own. Make them shoppable and into lead generating power tools for your business. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you! Learn More and Purchase

Interior Design Industry Events & Webinars

Join us for a free upcoming webinar or workshop, or, explore the recordings from our previous events covering a wide variety of topics concerning the business of design.

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If you manage interior design projects then you know how important it is to prioritize the right task at the right time. So come join Dixie to learn how the brand new Mydoma Task Manager is going to change your life!

Recordings of Previous Events

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Interior Design Community

Our Facebook group is where you’ll find a vibrant, inclusive community for design professionals to learn, share and collaborate! Whether it’s weighing in on a client issue, recommendations for product, or referrals, you’ll find a flourishing community full of designers from all walks of life and specialties.

Interior Design Business Blog

Explore interior design business tips, advice, and tools to level up your design business.
Our blog is the ultimate resource for designers looking to learn and grow.

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

Task Management in Mydoma is here 🎉 this feature will change the way you execute projects