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Empowering Today's Design Industry

Mydoma Studio Is A Project Management And Client Collaboration Software made for interior designers












Expand Your Design Empire

  • Make passive income by selling your signature style online with mydoma packages

  • Embed design packages on your website or blog and easily share socially 

  • Personalize your studio to your brand by uploading a logo, background image, and welcome text

  • Work in multiple currencies




Simple To Get Started

  • Mydoma Studio is the easiest project management software to setup and use

  • Have your business up and running in no time with our simple 'Setup your studio" checklist

  • One-on-one demos, webinars, and in-studio chat support help take our the frustrations of learning a new software

Manage your design process

  • Create a project workflow and repeat! Upload contracts, payment schedules, project deliverables, keep track of costs, create mood boards and client shopping lists

  • Easily and securely offer your clients the convenience of paying with credit cards

  • Build and manage a personal product catalog of your favorite products. Use our Product Clipper to easily upload products from your favorite websites.

  • Get contracts sign-off digitally and have estimates approved on-the-fly

  • Embed questionnaires into projects and packages to learn about your clients before the consultation


Keep Your Clients In The Loop

  • Offer unbeatable customer service by inviting clients to collaborate on projects

  • Keep all information related to the project in one place

  • With your permission clients can upload assets such as before/after images, measurements, and more

  • Upload deliverables like renderings, warranty info, purchase orders for easy client acceptance

  • Clients can approve shopping lists and request revisions on certain items; visibility toggles allow you to hide information you don't want your client to see



Get Started

No credit card necessary.