Tear Sheets are here and they are great!

interior design tear sheets

Branded and as lovely as you!

If you source product from a wholesaler or just need to create your own Tear Sheets, Tear Sheets are here to stay if you’re a Mydoma Studio user!

You can now create branded Tear Sheets right from within your product catalog and at the space level within your product tab. We made this to help make your life that much simpler (since you’re already using Mydoma Studio, right?).

branded tear sheets interior design software
Here is an image of a tear sheet that is branded.
When you create a new product either by clipping with our product clipper or manually adding one, you’ll have the option to create a PDF Tear Sheet. The great thing is, you can print this off if you need a hard copy or you can email it out to your client.

branded tear sheets interior design software

If you’re in your project and are creating your product list for a particular space, you can create a Tear Sheet from there as well. This will include the quantity, project and space info as well as product details.

branded tear sheets interior design software

Easy peezy, right?

That’s pretty much all there is to Tear Sheets! Remember, this feature was something that was requested by users like you so keep those suggestions coming in! Mydoma Studio was built on the feedback from our users so it’s super important to us that we make your life easier!

Happy designing! 🙂