Vendor’s, Purchase Orders and Invoicing for Interior Designers

Branded interior designer purchase orders, invoices

Truth time here.

Creating purchase orders and verifying pricing from your vendors can be a real PIA (for both you and your vendor)  but it doesn’t need to be.

Branded interior designer purchase orders, invoices

Say goodbye to creating tedious charts for the specific products you’d like pricing on.

No more editing charts/ excel files and having to email them back and forth!

Mydoma Studio takes the pain out of organizing your vendors and creating and managing purchase orders.

It’s so simple you won’t believe it.

First, build out your list of preferred vendors. Next, add locations, your favorite sales rep, and delivery addresses! Add your default markup and discounts too. Product pricing will reflect the discounts and markups you’ve specified for that specific vendor.

Easily create purchase orders or product estimate requests for all the products from any vendor directly from within a project! You can even add additional line items such as delivery or installation.

See at a glance your price versus your client’s price and know your profit before placing an order.

With one click you can auto-generate PDF purchase orders and email directly to your favorite sales rep! A log is kept showing the email transactions. Once pricing is verified, mark the purchase order as closed and all products within the project are marked as purchased.

In addition, a client invoice can be created automatically with all the products from the purchase order. No need to duplicate items from the purchase order.

Don’t fret, your pricing is never shown on the client invoice. We’ve got your back.
Your client can easily see the price they are being charged for the products you’re ordering and pay from within your studio.

Stop doing things the old-fashioned way. Your time is valuable. Purchase order automation reduces the risks of human error. Remember that smart syncing is our mantra. As you make changes, your purchase orders, product list, and pricing sheet are updated in unison.

​Organizing your vendors, sales reps and account information is key to making the process of ordering products simpler.

This information once lived in an excel file. For some it still does.

You no longer need to have and manage an awful beast of an excel file with all your vendors and their details.Keeping this information in your phone/ email contacts also isn’t the right place for it.

Step out of the dark ages and use interior design software to manage your vendors and sales reps.

With Mydoma Studio you can easily create and organize all your vendors. Think of it as your very own little black book of favorite vendors and sales reps.

Add location(s), your favorite sales rep, their contact information, trade account numbers, markups, discounts, delivery addresses and more! Share access to your vendors with appropriate team members.

Take advantage of smart syncing. If a vendor updates their designer discount policy, simply update it and product pricing will reflect the changes!

Remember work smart not hard and using Interior design software built for the designer by designers saves you time!

Spend more time designing and closing jobs instead of administrative busy work.

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