Designer Virtual Home Tour Entries for 2022

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Tanna Edler

Tanna by Design

“We have taken on the Bonus Room & will be creating a yoga studio with an earthy vibe! A zen retreat where our clients can relax at the end of a long day. The concept is to design a place to unwind while getting all ‘wrapped up’ in the mood of gratitude it exudes🍃 They wanted to be surrounded by their special things. We are incorporating images of their favorite travel destinations, plus decor mementos they’ve collected along the way, plus framed pieces of their own graphic designs! With requests for an environmentally conscious reflection, we have sourced natural items throughout. A couple examples are the beautifully crafted wood pieces and the ahhhhmazing wall treatment with an organic feel! Our clients love the outdoors, so we have brought the outdoors in with greenery in stunning pots, curtain fabric in a floral print and neutral tones on the custom upholstered resting bench🧘‍♀️ While this space has everything a yogi would want, it wouldn’t be complete with out a gorgeous & functional luxury plank floor & a cozy area rug with a unique pattern that perfectly pulls the room together💃”

Leah Elmange

Casa Bella Designs

“I designed this virtual home for the Greene Family. The family really enjoys having friends and family over, entertaining their loved ones both inside the home and outside. While they love to entertain and have two young children, they also would like their home to be organized with ample storage for their children’s toys and belongings. With the design of the open concept living/dining/kitchen, my goal was to provide a beautiful space with ample room for multiple guests to gather. The living area includes a large sectional and chair, seating up to 8 people. The dining table includes 4 chairs along with a long built in banquette. In addition, there are 4 stools at the kitchen island. These spaces, combined with the indoor/outdoor living provide many gathering areas. The outdoor living space is directly off of the living and dining area. It includes it’s own outdoor kitchen, dining table for 6, and seating area for up to 8. The family also enjoys outdoor activities, so they have a pool and large lawn. The office is a quiet room with plenty of storage for Adrienne to have a space to work from home. I also added French doors, as she loves the outdoors. It provides an opportunity for fresh air during her work day, a quick walk, or a lovely outdoor spot for yoga. The family’s bonus space has a relaxing sofa for movie nights, as well as a built in study area for the kids to work on homework.”

Melissa Mathieu

Melissa Mathieu Designs

“I wanted to design this home with a fun and fresh vibe while keeping in mind of the clients and their children. As a young couple who liked to entertain, I wanted to keep each space something you could always talk about but yet making sure it all worked well together.”

Sarah Pence

Pence Creative Interiors

“I designed these spaces with a few key things in mind. My clients are busy moms with small children so built in storage throughout their home was a must to keep things organized and give them an effortlessly clean look. I wanted the space to feel modern, but also give them a timeless look with the main elements to last them for years to come. Lastly, I wanted each space to feel inviting while incorporating their hobbies and the things they love like natural elements, color, sustainable products and lots of texture.”

Melissa Pearson

Pearson Rue Designs LLC

“Elements included: storage, lots of patterns and textures, ample seating and places to entertain, pops of color, traveling mementos/art/patterns to remind them of travels to Africa and Asia, backyard oasis, and yoga/flex room for kids.”

Kelly Bernier

Kelly Bernier Designs

“This couple represents many of my clients. My niche seems to be with male and female, aged 45-65. I fit in this age category also I design what I love and clients are always happy. Modern traditional.”

Leyla Gurlek

Insider Home Design

“This is a comfortable home for a big family, with additional sleeping places for family members from out of town and also for grandkids. There is a lot of space for many people to sit and gather together and also a big kitchen cooking big meals. However, there is an office and reading room for homeowners to relax when there are no guests.”

Sheba Gurel

Obsidian Urban Design

“I used a mix of Scandi and contemporary styles to create this design. The design is based on the idea that this is a young family. I have used an office design that caters for working at home in an environment that allows for creativity and organization. The outdoor is designed to spend time with the family lounging, eating, playing with the children, and also planting a vegetable garden. The living area is large and has been divided into three distinct areas: Lounge, Dining, and Kitchen. All members of the family can enjoy each other’s company whether cooking or lounging. I have enough storage for all the children’s toys and also for displaying of the mementos from traveling. The bedroom is a soothing relaxing space where the couple can enjoy their quiet time together. I’ve given the couple two areas in the closet for their clothes and items, and a vanity for getting dressed. The bonus space upstairs is not very large but the plants, water feature, and overhead diffused lighting provides a nice soothing environment for yoga. I’ve used pops of color throughout the space which is interesting but not overwhelming. This space is now one that is beautiful and well planned where the family can live and enjoy together.”

Mary Ann Benoit

Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

“I thought of what I would want if I was the client, as I am also aging in place in my own home Living in Alaska, I also love the outdoors and gardening. My design was also guided by my design philosophy.
“Aligned Design” aligns art, science and energy to make the magic happen in any space. This combines the art of beauty; the science of color and the energy of well-being to create a space truly aligned with
who the client is.
As an energy artist and designer, I created all the art in these designs, including the wall art, and designs on the duvet covers, pillows and occasional chairs. This fractal art (digital art) is sacred geometry, and
each piece is infused with the energy related to what the clients love and need to make each space feel wonderful, reflect who they are and give them joy.
The space is light and airy, neutral in almost everything but the art to highlight that. The art is primarily in blues and greens to be relaxing and connect with the colors of the outdoors, highlighted with copper finishes. The neutral or soft off white, blue or green paint colors add to bringing the outdoors in.”

Stephenie Broll

Stephenie Designs

“I created this space for a family because it reminds me of the family I want someday. It also was fun to create a young environment to be in a new home. To make a space for a family and for different career paths and hobbies such as a graphic designer and cook.”

Bonita Hayes

Living Spaces by B

“I chose a design with lots of seating for entertaining since our aging couple has family over often. The home office was converted to a playroom for their many grandchildren.”

Violeta Last


“Calm, open and inviting areas to suite both a quite life full of reading and enjoying life as well as busy house full of family members, area dedicated to children and big dining & lounge room for all the family members to feel comfortable. A lot of wood was used to make it easier to clean and provide warmth.”

Jennifer Polley

Jennifer Polley Interiors LLC

“Inspired by the love of nature and the exuberance of young children, the intent of this design is to create an environment the whole Greene family can enjoy. Color, shape and texture play key roles in the design, setting the stage for a modern, livable and playful space. Grounded by the use of black, white and natural wood tones, the bold color scheme gives the room a sense of exuberant energy while maintaining a bit of refinement. Strong greens and oranges where repeated throughout the living and dining areas and provide essential harmony and unity in the large space. The juxtaposition of rounded and rectangular shapes and tactile textures was designed to marry contemporary style and a cozy atmosphere. The space is arranged with abundant seating to function beautifully for a family movie or game night as well as for hosting dinner and holiday parties. Wall-mounted and free-standing console cabinets provide ample storage for toys and clutter and the wrap-around sofa table provides display space for the family’s travel treasures. Overall, the space was designed to be a beautiful backdrop for a vibrant and graceful life.”

MaryBeth Clouser

The Picture Perfect House

“I created the design with a warm and inviting neutral color palette, classic and timeless pieces that the Jones and their large family will enjoy for years to come. The open living area has plenty of seating for family get togethers but is also comfortable and relaxed when the Jones don’t have company. The bedroom was designed to feel bright and open and a perfect haven for rest and relaxation. The home office is a cozy space with custom built-ins to store their large collection of classic books, that is perfect for when Mark or Cassandra want to curl up with a good book or surf on the computer. The bonus space was designed for the grandchildren to play games, watch a movie or have extra sleeping space when they sleep over. The backyard is an oasis with a pool for the grandkids and a pool house for the adults to dine and relax with a built-in barbecue for when the Jones have their large family meals.”

Becca Reynolds

Becca Reynolds Interiors

“The struggles of a double-working-mom household require a special kind of retreat to escape to at the end of the day. I wanted to make sure I considered everyone’s needs and wants, and designed a home that is calming, practical and organized. To meet this goal, I designed their spaces with an organic/modern aesthetic that is comfortable and casual. You will see earth tones, organic lines, and a variety of woodgrains throughout. I tried to maximize the natural light in the living room by adding enlarged windows where possible. In the primary suite, I added a large glass door so Lisa and Adrienne have access to the patio off their room. To keep the boys happy and organized, I included a pool in the backyard and lots of storage in the family room. For Lisa, you will find an outdoor kitchen on the patio and plenty of places to display her souvenirs. The bonus room will be a yoga retreat for Adrienne, and I was sure to have plenty of relaxing spaces with seating throughout the home.”

Eden Sherwood

Homestead Designs+

“My design concept included my business’ personal style while incorporating ideas based on the chosen client. Being in a military family I know members collect many artifacts from deployments and living overseas. I utilized more decorative and historical items to incorporate what I imagine they would have in their collection. The space is functional yet a stylish space with soft Mediterranean/Desert accents throughout each space. I really wanted to incorporate SW Color of the Year for this project which you can see in the living room accent wall.”

Avaree Jackson

Avaree Jackson Interior Design

“For the Greene family, I designed the home to reflect functionality and joy for their cozy oasis. The built-in cabinets in the living room provide cabinets for storage; allowing their children’s toys to be out of sight. An open concept with sturdy furniture will withstand their children as they grow. The dining area is fitted with a breakfast nook, which is much more appropriate for their family; the breakfast nook bench lifts at the lid, providing additional storage. The master bedroom is comfortable, earthy and chic, allowing for easy cleaning and a place to relax.”

Anastasia Siprikov

Ana’s Design LLC

“The design is built on client’s preferences and wishes. Modern, clean, inviting and warm. As clients have two kids, the spaces are child proof. For example, no glass furniture, rounded angles and no easy stain fabrics. One of hobbies of the family is yoga, so the office room became their yoga-sport room. Adrienne works from home, however she loves to work on laptop near kitchen, and chat with her wife and watch kids. On the second floor we created the family room for TV and toys. outdoor space has variety of option to spend time together.”

Anuraz Garg

AG Interiors

“Designed a long term home with natural materials with lots of entertaining space for grandkids and family to last memories. Love indoor outdoor space, bring the visa versa to maximize the living.”

Rehab Hegazy

Grid Designs

“I have a passion for accessible design and aging in place as I believe each and everyone should live in dignity and can help himself. I tried to accommodate as much seating as i could for this large family keeping in mind clear circulation with no obstruction. Flooring is wood so it is warm and non slip, carpets(when needed) are low pile to avoid tripping. I tried to provide different kinds of light in each room so they can use each kept low color tones in most of the rooms except office and bonus living where they will need to be active for a specific purpose.”

Jennifer Collins

Inviting Interior Style

“This retired couple are exactly like my parents! They have more books than god and need bookcases in almost every room. They need lots of cozy seats to curl up in to read and drink cups and cups of tea/coffee. And they need lots of dining seating so the whole family can sit down and eat the home-grown, home-cooked meals they make together. They like to keep active during the off season when they aren’t in their garden so they want a home gym to keep them moving and strong for years to come. And, they love light bright spaces with cheerful colors and layered textures that showcase their art collection.”

Alicia Osenenko

Rose Quartz Interiors

“Based on client’s preferences and interests I created a design that is relaxed yet stylish, uncluttered with fresh pop of colors of green and natural textures. The furniture choices are natural materials for the most part and solid quality. The living room is comfortable for the moms to play with their children or read stories yet this design is intended to have a dedicated area for the children to play in the bonus room. Since mom’s like to toys to be tucked away I’ve picked a coffee table that can accommodate two large baskets for that purpose. The furniture choices don’t block the view to the kitchen so Adrianne can watch Lisa cook and play with kits at the same time. This room has comfortable room to entertain guests and plenty of shelf space to display Lisa’s mementos from travel. Dining room area includes a high chair for Aiden in case he is still using one. All main area is utilizing natural lighting and indoor plants for a wellness and a happy vibe.”

Samantha Dunmire

Samantha Dunmire Interior Design

“I designed this home for the Greene family. I wanted to keep it modern but cozy throughout. I also incorporated storage and shelving as much as possible to both display their travel souvenirs and keep toys and games tucked away. The open concept living area provides ample seating and dining space for the whole family (and extended family). Although not a part of the judging criteria, the kitchen was largely considered in my design as it is the center of the space both physically and metaphorically. Pops of bold blues and greens compliment the warmer earth tones all while providing an easy to maintain space. Just off of the dining room is the large deck and patio area. Here, I provided more seating and dining options extending outward with both a covered area and a sunny alternative. Back inside, the bedroom and closet were designed with a more feminine approach. Softer colors and hues with accents of gold fill both spaces. The closet offers wall to wall storage while keeping a fun and modern feel. On the opposite end of the home lies the office/hobby space. I decided to make this more of a multitasking room by fulfilling both their need for an office as well as a spot for yoga. The wall to wall cabinets provide storage to keep their yoga and various exercise items out of site when not in use. Upstairs, the bonus loft area became a spot for the kids. I created a window seat perfect for reading books. I also provided shelving and cubbies for all of their activities. Since this was a smaller space, I kept the colors and textures simple but still provided some subtle pops to add interest. Separate from this design for the Greenes, I created an open concept dining/living space for the Jones family, as well. This space offers more of a mature selection of finishes and furnishings with a modern farmhouse feel. This is a space that welcomes their family easily.”

Andréa Pace

Pace By Design

“I wanted to create a sophisticated family home perfect for entertaining guests while maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere. The indoor/outdoor flow is ideal for entertaining guests and a family that loves the outdoors. Pops of color accent the light and airy feel to create some contrast, giving the space just enough personality without being overwhelming. The warm wood tones and rattan bring in a sense of warmth, while the light wall color and flooring keep the space feeling open and airy. In addition, I wanted the home to tell a story of a family that loves traveling and exploring new things.”

Shannon Levy

Shannon Levy Interiors

“Designed for the active young family and their personal style!”

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