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Project Management

Create and store contract templates for different interior design jobs. Send private and group messages between designers, clients, contractors and vendors. Easily create purchase orders, invoices with added convenience of accepting credit cards online. Save time preparing for presentation meetings with the ability to print branded projects on paper or to PDF.

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Branded Portal

Mydoma Studio provides each interior design company with their individually branded login portal. The portal can be easily customized with your company logo, name, feature background image and welcome text. You can even embed your studio login on your own website!

interior designer project management software

Invoicing, Purchase Orders & Credit Card Payments

More than just emailing a PDF. Clients can login to review and pay invoices and have 24/7 access to all paid and unpaid invoices within their client portal. Create your little black book of vendors with default suggest markups and trade discounts. Generate branded purchase orders and product estimates with only a few clicks!

interior designer managing products

Manage Products

No need to change browsers just to add products to your catalog, Mydoma Studio has you covered. Simply add products from your catalog to a project and watch the magic happen as Mydoma Studio does the math for you. Create your own product catalog and source products from your favorite vendors. As you edit product information in your catalog, it is synced across all projects

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